What Makes Italian Restaurants Special

italian restaurant picAlthough many types of ethnic restaurants exist in the country, Italian restaurants and pizza chains boasts the highest number. Italian restaurants have originated mainly from the various immigrants from southern Italy as well as successful entrepreneurs who opened small bars, restaurants, and grocery stores in the Northeast Italian neighborhoods. These restaurants started out by serving their neighborhoods familiar robustly flavored foods, which came in larger quantities at lower prices.

These foods were based on homemade recipes, including pasta, dough, or paste made of wheat flour and water, occasionally adding eggs to the mixture. Spaghetti was the typical pasta in strings form, while macaroni was another major pasta in tubular form. Italian pasta takes different forms, each with its name. Presently, most people associate pasta and noodles to Italy, although these inventions originated from China to Italy, thanks to Marco Polo.

Food is a key element in the Italian culture. In this case, it is one of the most important part of Italian restaurants. A great Italian restaurant will of course have a great wine list, wonderful service, with a clean and elegant décor. If the restaurant is truly authentic, an Italian ristorante should leave you full, not stuffed. However, it is not rare to leave an “Italian” restaurant hungry. A huge bill and a white tablecloth do not necessarily justify its authenticity.

The service is another major aspect of these restaurants. Although it should be warm and professional, it is not overly friendly. The service should be nearly invisible, and when orders taken, the meals get rolling. In addition, Italian restaurants are reputable for exceptional ambience. Italians seems excellent in creating a wonderful ambience almost anywhere. An authentic restaurant will definitely give you a certain feeling the moment you enter the premises, an indescribable warmth and glow.

The food presentation in Italian eateries is a major reason for their popularity. Every dish is presented in the most creative and imaginative way possible, making it a work of art for their chefs. They can even produce 20 inch pizzas (or more) infused with different seafoods, vegetables, meats, and spices that you probably wouldn’t think can be combined. Pizzas are presented in a way that most people find irresistible. Every bite of Italian food is definitely special.

There is a wide range of Italian style restaurants since it has become a wide franchise. Therefore, you need several ways in order to decide the one you should spend your money on. One of the best ways to find a good restaurant as well as their prices is by checking your local listings and directories. These can be found in the various meeting places in your vicinity, or by checking online. Here, you can find great deals and discount coupons for local Italian eateries.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in checking the unbiased opinion of other customers about the various eateries, your best bet is using an online comparison tool. People are fond of posting their experiences on such restaurants online, and these can give you an honest overview of the restaurant you are interested in.