Men’s Designer Eyewear- Spotting A Fake

eyewearSynonymous with high-fashion accessories and clothing, the Versace sunglasses have been serving the world of fashion for many decades. The truth is that a pair of men’s designer eyewear can complement any kind of wardrobe. Versace sunglasses are fashion accessories whose demand is very high and their sale is done worldwide. Apart from looking good, these sunglasses make people wearing them have a higher level of confidence. These sunglasses have become a favorite choice among many fashionistas and celebrities. However, any customer looking to purchase a pair of men’s designer eyewear should be aware of how to spot fakes to avoid overspending on low quality accessories. It is no secret that many of the top eyewear brands are replicated with Versace being no exception.

How to Identify Fake Versace Eyewear

The fame of Versace sunglasses is just remarkable for their vibrant style and high quality. These accessories help protect the eyes from direct sunlight and also improve eyesight. In addition, they are known to possess an authentic function that can spice up any kind of outfit, be it official wear or just something casual. Many local stores and independent sellers sell fake Versace sunglasses. Generally, replica sunglasses are usually of a low quality and easily get damaged. If you are looking for a genuine pair of men’s designer eyewear, you must be willing and ready to pay for quality. You should invest your time in shopping around to identify the differences between genuine and fake eyewear. If you want genuine designer eyewear, here is what you should be keen on.

Packaging and Weight

Genuine Versace sunglasses and other designer eyewear are made of very heavy materials designed to last for decades. Fake sunglasses are usually lightweight and easily break down. When it comes to the packaging, it is important to look at the box in which the glasses are packed. Original designer sunglasses are usually packaged in their brand boxes unlike most replicas that are just packed in plastic bags and regular boxes. The frames of the sunglasses should have no imperfections or scratches. In addition, the bag holding the sunglasses should be a high-quality leather and not velour.

Look at the Logo

Another way to identify a pair of fake designer eyewear is by looking at the logo. A pair of original sunglasses will always have a brand logo engraved on the frames or the glass. In addition, the manufacturer’s name should not be wrongly spelled. Any variant spelling is an outright indicator that the designer sunglasses are just fake.

Check the Cost

The cost of the sunglasses can really help in determining whether they are a fake or original. In most cases, fake sunglasses go for a cheaper price than the original ones. Genuine men’s designer eyewear will not sell for next to nothing. Real designer eyewear can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The reason behind the high cost is the quality of materials used and the superior craftsmanship required to make a pair of sunglasses that will serve you for a lifetime. Even slightly used designer sunglasses will not cost pennies.